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Default Demill on 18 Sept, in USA by November

Items to be Demilled September 18th, estimated delivery to US by November 2017:

DShK 38 Parts kits w/ Barrel -SOLD OUT

GSH-23 Parts Kits

NR-23 Parts Kits

Tantal 88 Parts Kit and Tantal 88 poly magazines

Inert Grenades most every ex-commie

Inert Rockets most every ex-commie

UK VZ 59 Parts Kits

UK VZ 59 Light & Heavy Barrels

SG-43 Parts Kit with live barrels and wheeled mounts

81mm Yugo Inert mortar

84mm Gustav Rounds, 2 types

60mm Yugo Mortar

60mm Brandt "Commado" Mortar in the box

RPD Drums with Belts

Maxim Parts Kits with Barrel

Gorjunov KGK Parts Kits with live barrel

Beretta 70 Parts Kits

MP5 .22 Conversion Kits

HK 416 Upper Receivers

MP 40 Parts Kits

Bren MK3 Parts Kits

We are excited about the inventory we will be receiving, email sales@bowmanarms.com to be added to back order list. Like us on Facebook Bowman Arms - Tankride.com, Inc.
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I am in if you have a spare gory mount and tantal 88 kit
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Very cool stuff coming In the mp5 22 kit full auto capable ?
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I want one of those 416 uppers!
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Bill the Butcher for President
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The Maxim and SG43 parts kits. May I ask what the maker countries are you are seeing?
I'm assuming the Maxims are Finnish army marked?
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MY eye is on the MP5 22 kits and 416 uppers.
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Let me know about the RPD belts and drums...any pouches?
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what will be price for Maxim kit? and what is country its from?
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Sent an email for notification. Interested in the Tantal 545 mags.
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