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we need to stockpile because of market fluctuations and legislative risks. if you have a bunch leftover for the end of the world that's just a bonus.
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Stockpiling ammo can never be a bad thing, however i'm in the camp of sustainability for the long haul. Once you fire that loaded ammo, its gone. I'm stockpiling reloading components and lead. Have enough reloading components to load 87,000 rounds. have another 1200# of lead for casting. I sleep pretty good knowing that i'm positioned well for ammo independence, whatever the situation may be.
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This guy is an idiot. It'sjust a matter of time until they ban or severely limit ammo purchases. Not everyone buys ammo for some fantasy "SHTF" scenario. Some of us would like to enjoy our hobby indefinitely and not be at the mercy of politicians or market gougers.
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QUOTE indyguy333: Some of us would like to enjoy our hobby indefinitely and not be at the mercy of politicians or market gougers.

My beliefs also.
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I'm always open to hear the devils advocate and while he raises some interesting points, I agree with most here. My thought was ammo stockpiling has more to do with having enough to keep your skills honed if there was ever an ammo shortage, etc. We haven't seen that before (roll eyes).
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The only way I would ever barter for ammo is like this.

For your ammo I will give you a can of pork and beans for ALL of your ammo.

And the only way you will ever receive any of my ammo is from the end of a barrel.
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