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AKA Dr. Hooters the Time Lord.
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Talk to Nalioth for a signature pic.

Committed foul and wicked ways, unseen the sins that fall the strong, subjected full to judgment days, and punish-ed are all who wrong.

Originally Posted by Mandaree36 - 11/2/2013 View Post
One who cannot march in peace will not march in war. It too requires getting off the couch....
Originally Posted by boonie_rat_AZ - 01-03-2016 View Post
We all owe God a death, we owe no man servitude....
Originally Posted by Rider - 04-26-2017 View Post
I don't trust the mainstream media. You do. Do you get salt with that spoon fed bullshit or do you take it plain?
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World Class my friend. World class !
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here's to the HPA...and you OP.

you metamucil ma man.
Interview tips from RobSki:

Right from the beginning, tell them to stand up straight when they are talking to you.
Hand knife every mfkr in the room when addressing them.
Tell them to look into your eyes and then immediately accuse them of eyeballing you.
Finally, tell them to unfuck themselves and leave the room.
Job offer will be waiting for you in your mailbox before you will be back home...you welcome!
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Perhaps the funniest "gun" motif based cartoon EVER,

Triggering in so many wonderful ways....

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If only it were that easy.....
"We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately." Benjamin Franklin

'A brave man can fight and die any day. A wise man is brave, and smart enough to both fight today, and live to fight another day'.

'If you can't, or don't, think like a winner, you will forever be a loser".
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