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Bren MKIII $395 each, some on backorder.
Bren live barrels, $195
MP-40, $2195, backorders first, should be sold-out.
Berretta 70, $649 each, upper sheet metal receiver cut, lower OK, some backorders.
Maxim, with wheeled mount, $2495, backorders first, should be sold out.
M-84 Serb [PKM] OPTICS, never before in USA, as new, $595 each.
PKM linkers, $289
82mm Yugo MORTARS, $1495 each, INERT rounds in stock, cup not cut, scrap metal used for muzzle restrictor.
60mm BRANDT mortars, scrap welded in muzzle, cup OK, $795
60mm EICA MORTAR, NOS, in box, scrap steel in muzzle, $995 each, cup OK.
RPD DRUMS with belts, new?, $39.95 each set.
PM-12 MAGAZINES, fits most Italian subguns, used, good, $44.95 ea.
DP-28, good-used, backorders first, should have a few available, $395 each.
122mm KUTUSHA INERT rockets, never before in USA, IMPRESSIVE, $495 each
122mm KUTUSHA INERT CUTAWAY rockets, $695, 4 pieces only.
PG-15 INERT arsenal made rocket, green or black [not red], $75 each.
PG-7 INERT arsenal made rocket, EXACTLY like a live rocket, NO RUBBER parts, $395 each, case discounts.
57mm INERT artillery shells, complete round, as issued.
85mm INERT artillery shells, complete round, as issued, backorders first, should be 100 pieces avb, $90 each.
120mm MORTAR round, INERT, arsenal made, never before in USA
122mm INERT howitzer round, $195 each
23mm ZPU INERT ammo, $19.95 each
PPN-3 NIGHT VISION, fits most AK-PKM-RPG-SGM side rails, most NIB, $295 each.
SG-43, cut from new weapons, with wheeled mounts, with FREE LIVE FLUTED BARREL, $1195 each. [last lot ever]
*****NO PM's PLEASE*****
email: sales@bowmanarms.com
Thanks, bob
Pics on GB as soon as possible.
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any updates? interested in seeing the night vision (ppn-3) and the dp-28
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