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Originally Posted by Choppa city View Post
I used to love point blank in cincinnat, but they started getting ridiculous as hell the last year. 1st they banned all shotgun ammo except slugs. Then u couldnt bring a gun in unless its in a bag. Last time i went was the worst. Now u cant have your guns on the tables. They have to be under it, in a bag at all times. In order to shoot, u must get the bag, carry it to the stall, take gun out, put bag under table, go back and shoot gun. When finished, get empty bag, bring back to stall, insert gun, immediately zip it up and put back under table. Its absolutely insane
None of this sounds unreasonable to me.
I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.
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Originally Posted by jb1911 View Post
None of this sounds unreasonable to me.
That's to prevent wrong ammo in wrong guns, guns falling off tables, guys walking to the business with openly carried guns.

Many times I have seen guys get confused as to what there doing at a range especially when they start talking and bragging to others.

I only shoot one gun at a time at a range how is this a problem ??

Ever seen a range were the cling and a wall is not shot up ?
I haven't . People are idiots.
You have to try and idiot proof things if you want insurance.

It's hard to get covered if you have guys doing mag dumps with steel core ammo with a bunch if guns in differant calibers all over the table .
It's also hard for personal to be sure guns laying around are unloaded.

I'll give up a bit of inconvenience for better safety.
Last out door range we went to check and hang targets. Got back and guy picked up his rifle aimed and shit. It was laying there pointed down range loaded no safety.
Yes he got my opinion and more.
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Originally Posted by jb1911 View Post
I've been there a couple of times, I heard they were upgrading it. Do you know if it's open again?
No I haven't in some time. But I have a friend that lives down there. You could call and check?
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Default Indoor ranges

Around here ALL the indoor ranges bar any steel cased or steel core ammo. No exceptions. So all my 5.45x39 is shot outdoors at a public range. And in the winter Iím burning thru the last of my brass case surplus M67 (7.62x39).

So I picked up a converted Saiga.223 this summer. Good rifle, range friendly. Wolf Gold .223 isnít hard to find for 30 cents/rnd so itís still cheap to run.
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Originally Posted by Johnson184 View Post
All my local ranges prohibit bimetal jacketed bullets like Wolf, Tula, etc. Any affordable alternatives?
Look for outdoor range or club, I donít shot AK indoors. Nobody checks my rounds in my club and only tracers are prohibited. Indoor is for pistols and 22lr
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The indoor range where I shoot allows steel case soft points.
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