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Someone just bought one of the apex barrel less east german parts kits for 850 lol, I remember when Apex was selling them for 99 dollars and they sat around for yyyeeeaarrs.
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I would like to see things come back down to earth in the next 4 years. I hope all the overpriced kits sit on gobroker until the owners keep them or get motivated to sell them. It's gotten stupid
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the upside is a high price like this more are likely to pop out of the woodwork.
sucks to be the first guy to pay full-blow if this happens.
see it all the time. look at russian magazine prices. practically on par w/ bulgarian at this point.
if you would have told me a year ago that there would be possibly dozens of t1 kits in the states i would not have believed it....
still that tula 74 was amazing i was trying to scrape together money to make an offer...
fuck rewelding 1mm receivers though.
looking for a type 1 barrel
07 FFL
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I'm not into 74s so ..........
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Originally Posted by cantshoot4shit View Post
If you think that's high check this out. I just don't get it

what did you expect from the AKforum.
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