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Default Any Help Finding A Small Galil Part For A Very Good Friend?

Hey all, a very good friend...the kind that has driven me to the airport and back and wouldn't take money for gas, yeah that kind of a friend...he is needing a small part for his Golani.

Specifically, he is needing the cocking knob. The small round part that is welded ontop of the cocking handle carrier.

Appreciate any help and happy to buy/trade for it. Just trying to help him out. He tried ordering it from Apex but they ran out or something.
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Take it for what they are worth. I have heard these aren't the best in terms of fit and all. Additionally we need to put some pressure on Sacro to do another run of their knobs. They were the best replicas of the IMI knobs. Especially with the influx of kits over the last 16 months
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I have one or two left over from a large run i did a few weeks back.. if your only interested in one i could help you out.
These were made as close to imi spec as i could get them.
And the square broached hole is the correct size..send me a pm for shipping info.

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i think sarco and apex still have them for sale. https://www.apexgunparts.com/rifles/...w-us-made.html
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