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gun papa
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Default Form 1 SBR forms question

Do I send two copies of the paperwork, photo, ATF finger print card to the feds, and after it returns, send a copy to my Sheriff,

Or do I send all three copies to the feds first, and the send one of those copies to the sheriff?
"Owning a gun makes you a suspected terrorist, just like having a penis makes a man a suspected rapist, and a vagina makes a woman a suspected whore." Dude Petri 2016

Too late of a reminder, on the belt off to the Grinder. papa
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Look at the bottom of the forms. There are 3 copies, but they're not all the exact same. "ATF copy" and "ATF Copy 2" go to the ATF. The "CLEO" copy goes to your local sheriff or other CLEO. They go in 2 different envelopes.

Also, its fingerprint cards, plural. 2 copies of fingerprints go to the ATF.
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I am still debating weather I should submit a Form 1 for my SLR106UR pistol... Hmmm...
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Default batfe destroys nfa reg on sbr s, they really goofed.
Excuse my spelling etc, Ive been in county court in nys bout 2000, all over gun charges durring awb 94
I fired my lawyer, didnt know firearms laws, was trying ta deal, i took over, I won the whole case, 7 felony charges, All thrown out! Now free in AL !!!
Ive been on the brace thing many times, but we all know a brace is a stock/stock brace, pretty simple
Wish this note could get ta Trump. Atf cut there throat!!
Heres my note,,,

Now batfe allows SB tactical brace to legaly be shouldered !
Lets be honest here, a brace is a stock/a stock is a brace, Rem that!
Now, as for a sbr, which u just made, but atf allows? You find youself in fed court, both weapons ta show a jury,
The batfe could Never convict you EVER!
I could hold up a pistol ar style gun or a ak pistol , shoulder it, then pick up a reg rifle with about a 2" shorter barrel and hold against shoulder,
The 100% end result and use is the same!!
There isnt a jury that wouldnt see that only thing violating nfa is the batfe!!!
They cant have it both ways, and when Braces first hit market, they were to help wounded ppl etc, but be honest, 90% were ppl looking to get around nfa sbr laws...
The atf goes back n forth , then saying you cannot shoulder it, now they make it legal to hold to shoulder??
The just did in sbr regs, any person with common sence could show any jury in fed court!! How batfe caused all this,
Sbrs are now legal, and atf needs to own up to this childs play..
At the least, this will help nra get rid of abused anti 2a nfa sbr law...
Even batfe should use all the ppl employed ta collect 200 ileagle stamps and ileagle registering , all 2a infringements, to help war on Terror..
I pray Pres Trump reads this somehow!!

Sorry for spelling etc, im working under a truck.. but sure you all understand

Thank u. Brad
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