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Default Liberty GB2 and AR Upper issues

I took my AK to the range for the first time today. The Pmag you shipped me wouldn't work at all - I unloaded it by hand and noticed that the follower was jammed somewhere and the rounds were not getting any upward pressure. I had several other types of mags (Gen 3 Pmags, bakelites, tapco, steel), and each one proceeded to have issues. I had two types of ammo - 122 gr and 124 gr, the 124 gr is Vympel. Both types of ammo had issues. I would have horrible FTE stovepipes or the casing itself would just become stuck in the chamber. I had to utilized a rod to knock out about 15 cases before I quit because it was happening every other round. I only managed to shoot about 40 rounds before I gave up. I think this at the very least has extractor issues - otherwise, it was nice to shoot. Sights were right on.

I also had an issue with my 10.5" Nitride AR upper. It was shooting fine when I experienced a nasty jam. A bullet somehow jammed on top of the bolt and it is stuck. I'm going to have to take it to a gunsmith, because messing with it at the range did not accomplish anything.

What do I have to do to get these issues fixed?
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Please send me a PM with your order number(s), and I will get you taken care of. I apologize for the issues.


I sent you a PM. You will not have to send it back in. We will send you an extractor.

Thank you,

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That extractor looks like Oreo cookie.
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Message sent. I fixed the AR jam - it's called a "brass over bolt" malfunction and if you push back on the bolt face while tapping the charging handle forward, it will clear th ejam. Where is the extractor for me to check if it's broken or not?
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