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I look at it this way; Dave Fortier got an average of 2330fps with 123gr Hornady from a 12.5" barrel, in some seriously cold weather. That is basically full power 16" 7.62x39 ballistics out of something the size of a Draco, that stays supersonic out to about 850 yards. Yes, please. These rifles beg to be SBR'd. The AK is a poor choice for printing tiny groups on paper, regardless of caliber. The Grendel Vepr is essentially the perfect 0-500 infantryman's carbine.
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Originally Posted by CrusherDestroyer View Post
I bought a 16" barrel but have been rethinking that I should have a 20" made with no fsb provision.
I bought a 16" for the sole reason that I think AKs with long barrels look dumb...and the furthest I shoot is 300 yards-ish
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