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Night Owl
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Default What Happened To Dan FS71

He used to be a regular on the forum and seemed like a cool dude. He hasn't been on here in forever. Hope all is well with him? Anyone know what's up with him?
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Maybe he's making brochures.

I noticed a while back , hope he's doing well
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autonomic nervous system:

The part of the nervous system responsible for control of the bodily functions not consciously directed, such as breathing, the heartbeat, digestive processes and ordering AK 47 magazines.
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Very cool guy. Tried calling several times with no luck.
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I liked how he equated building AK's to nuances of prostitution. Classic Sig line material.
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Haven't heard from him forever.
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Cool dude, hope he shows up again
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Sometimes folks get sick of our shit and move on. Other times they die.
I have no idea what the case may be in this instance, but if you wanted to post it in general discussion, you might get more views, and an answer.

I hope he's o.k.

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