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I own a few Smith & Wesson's, for reference books I use The Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson, Editions 1 through 4. Edition 4 came out last year and is the latest edition. It has lots of information. For the exact date and configuration that it left the factory and the first place that it was shipped to, you can get a factory letter


I am also on the Smith & Wesson Forum and you can pick up a lot of knowledge there
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Originally Posted by MXGreg View Post
I'll agree with this. I have a Speed Six that originally was sold as a double action only. Swapped in a spurred hammer for range use. If you think about pulling the trigger, it's gone. Most accurate snub nose I own.

Also have a Henry Big Boy in .357 mag. It's still new to me but showing alot of promise.

My favorite .357 is still my Coonan. It's a joy to shoot no matter how hot the rounds are. Accurate as all hell and shoots halos of fire.

WOW! Awesome picture.
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Originally Posted by IanMor View Post
Entirely fair criticism. Thank you. I will take it to heart as you are a man I greatly respect on this forum. I did reply in depth to why I dislike Rugers in another post. Thank you for honorably smoke-checking me. I need that once in a while.
Thanks for not blowing me out of the water with both barrels! You'll notice that I didn't criticize the ban though. We're all supposed to be "grown men"; IMO there's enough vitriol in the Politics, and Dumping Brass sub-forums without tolerating it in a simple discussion about revolvers. However, your respect is perhaps misplaced; I'm just another guy who puts his "two cents worth" in from time to time. As to your dislike of Ruger revolvers; it would be boring world if we all liked the same things.

Originally Posted by Rollthelosingdice View Post
Ok I decided against the .357, I didn't like the size of the gun and the prices were way too high for a quality revolver. I went with this old S&W .38 special, I think it's from the 50's. If anyone here has information on it, that would be awesome. I'm really liking this gun!
I think you did well for yourself. There ain't nothin' wrong with a S&W "K" frame .38 special; your's was built back when S&W gave a damn about build quality. I have a Model 13, also built on the "K" frame. It's rather unpleasant to shoot with "full house" .357 Magnum loads; but all the "K" frames are like this.
If you plan to shoot it extensively, I suggest a better set of grips; Pachmayer, Herret, or Altamont are just a few vendors to look into. The stock "Magna" grips get uncomfortable after awhile. Again, congratulations on your find!
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Originally Posted by GuzziMike View Post

Everybody here deserves a Python.

Now you're talkin' .........OBTW, I'd like THIS one ,ThankYou!
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If you're gonna buy a magnum revolver then skip the 357 and get a 44.
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Ruger GP100 6 inch barrel is what i have, its easy shooting with the Ruger and their well balanced barrel.
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Between the .357 sp101 I once owned & my cousin's .44 Trailboss I'll take the the .44 any day for just fun shooting. The extra heft really tames the recoil, especially out of a 2" barrel. It is also magna-ported though. Wouldn't want to carry it, unless I was hiking in Glacier Park (Grizzlies).
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