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Default Show your targets, PSL, TIGRE, M-76

Hey great thread on stocks on their PSL's how about some show on accuracy your getting ???? I picked up a couple of boxes of Hornady 150gr SST's so with the weather getting better I want to get some accuracy from these and also get some settings for my adjustable gas block.
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Well its been a few years ago when I picked up my PSL. At the time I did a lot of hand loading for it and got it to shoot well enough. Haven't been shooting it much in the last couple of years. I need to get it back out again. As you can see the hand loads bested the milsurp , even the 7n1 sniper ammo. The Privi factory shot OK too.

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Nice! That's good enough and the reason why I bought two PSLs back when J&G first had them. Good shooting!
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IIRC, this is plain ol' Silver Bear 203 GR SP out of my NDM-86 on a McDonald's iced tea lid using the 4x scope it came with:

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Shot from prone unsupported with a 1988 SVD at 100m with Soviet 200grn "extra match". One of the better groups I've gotten with this rifle/ammo combo but not uncharacteristic. Can pretty consistently shoot about .75-1MOA from a supported position. The Russian extra match ammo is quite good. Of note it doesn't seem to perform as well in TIGRs or pre-1972 SVDs with a 1:320mm twist vs the newer 1:240mm twist.

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My grouping with my Tigr at 100 meters with match ammo supported, 0.6"

Also, for those wondering here's the grouping from the original paper work that came with the rifle

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