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Default What's the difference in bolts...why?

I FINALLY got my Type 56 to work properly by I took my bolt out of my semi auto Krinkov and the bolt are not the same....why? Just for shots a giggles I put then sell Krink bolt in the full auto type 56 and it couldn't even close the carrier all the way closed....why? Seems like a huge waste of time but there must be a reason.
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Low balling stupid BASTARD
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One of them is a high quality milspec rifle with high quality milspec parts, the other is a chicom.

The Chinese did their own thing with AKs, much like Yugoslavia. No real standard, no real QAQC. You get what you get and you don't throw a fit.

The MANY uses of an AK cleaning kit and rod

Кучка Булка Курва Зараза
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