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Gold is at $1350 today.

Lol. I generally don't put much stock in price predictions and don't hold non pros to them, but I do believe that someone predicted we would be much lower by now?

Jus talkin some smack
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dArK 47
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Originally Posted by Silas View Post
... I am a jeweler, one of the few trades in America that actively works with gold and silver on a daily basis, and if the SHTF you couldn't trade me 5 lbs of 24k for a case of my 8m3.
THIS - plus, my thoughts are that if I am running around, waving gold and silver - I am asking for someone to target me. Ditto for having plenty of just about anything to trade with.

And OMG - to have guns and ammunition in such amounts that you are trying to trade with them!

"The squeaky wheel gets the oil" is another way of saying it gets ATTENTION.

The chirping bird in the hedge draws the tomcats and the blingy jewelry draws the brutal snatch & grab (and punch & stab) thief.

During a hardship, I do not want to "flash" anything or look any better-off than anyone else.

A stash of gold/silver is for long after the really nasty stuff. It represents "seeds" for when you can have security and peace and start to grow again.
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Originally Posted by Aceshigh View Post
Define SHTF situation

There is literally a bazillion levels, and scenario's, and one has to be specific to assess an answer.
If you're talking Red Dawn invasion?? Gold is Worthless.....

Far more value in Bullets, Guns, Cigarettes, Liquor, Medicines, Fresh Water, Food, Supplies, Fuel, Shelter etc
Things people can eat, smoke, fight, stay healthy, etc have far more value then a shiny brick in guerrilla warfare scenarios

Basically Gold will be about as worthless as some geeks comic book collection still in wrappers
WHat was that movie line......"IF they can't smoke it, drink it, eat it, fu** it, they don't want it"

This guy gets it.
Trade some gold for your rifle? Well, they’ll kill you and take back the gold.
Trade some silver for food? You’ll starve sooner and they’ll get the silver.
My other gun is an AK.
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If you ain't got none, then you can think of a million reasons not to get it. If you got it, you can think of a million reasons to sell it.
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The more in-depth research you do about the war is bosnia, the more you realize everything in this thread is right at the same time.

Yes, in demand goods hold good value, but other things hold value as well and PM's and cash aren't worthless in the grand scheme.

There were large networks smuggling goods through that war. True, if you were in a city torn apart by siege, you may not get good supplies for gold or cash from the average guy. However, there were two big types of smuggling going on. One was people bringing valuble goods in, trading for cash, PMs and weapons, then smuggling those out. The other was people collecting goods from vacant houses, then shipping truckloads out of the immediate warzone to other areas where the goods could be sold on for profit.

Both kinds of smuggling illustrates that everything still had a relative value. People aren't too worried about getting a TV in a warzone where they might have lost power. People don't worry about gold when they don't know where their next meal is coming from. That doesn't mean it doesn't have value overall.

Now consider this. Say a man had ample supplies in that situation, and he traded a few batteries for a handful of silver coins, a few bullets for a gold coin and so on. The trouble passes, peace is restored. Now this man has a horde of PMs which he can sell some of to re-establish. The people that sold everything for their next meal still have nothing.

This is what PMs will be used for, a universal, convertible, easily carried, widely known personal asset. A buy in to whatever comes next.
"We are fully aware that war is not the only way to defend our values. But if those values are fundamentally endangered, as is the case today, then war is the only way to defend them. Everything that hinders us in our effort to defend ourselves is an injustice. We did not want this war, it was thrust upon us, like all others. Defending one's people is a holy duty," - Ratko Mladic

Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
And this be our motto: "In God is our trust."
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