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Curio & Relic
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box thread/

Your revolution is over, Mr. Lebowski. Condolences. The bums lost. My advice is to do what your parents did; get a job, sir. The bums will always lose. Do you hear me, Lebowski? The bums will always lose!

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Posting a .gif of a Male Motor boating a woman's ass/vag from behind. No true nudity due to camera angle, still a sex act in the general forums...
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Grrr! Screw your 30 seconds!
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gotta get off that shit mane


Arguing with a man who has renounced his reason is like giving medicine to the dead.
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MI redneck
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Well, the box is cool anyway.
"I was born to the city, but I yearned to roam free!
Got a screamin' horse in my belly,
a scar on my heart." Wild Hearted son - The Cult

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Kind of a let down. Was thinkin gold. But I need to get some new socks and long underwear...now that you've mentioned it.
Fuck the global community. When other nations die, we can export our traitors to those lands so they can make "progress" There. - Me

People like this fat slob demand free health care, while stuffing their face with Twinkies & Coke. People who want universal health care should be charged by the pound, might make them reconsider. - Fortis
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Originally Posted by ncreptile View Post
why n the name that is all that is holy do I want that on a t shirt????

hey BCP,was your ex named Kit????

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Hey , uh BCP shouldn't that last part of yer sig line be "PBR STREET GANG...
this is ALMIGHTY......Roger?"
Be Without Fear in the Face of Your Enemies,
Be Brave & Upright,that GOD may Love Thee;
Speak The Truth Always ,
And Do NO Wrong:
Protect the Helpless Tho It Leads to your Death
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Now..after all this time...

You have a decent phone to take pics and

You post your closet holey jeans and underwear ?

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Guessing game was cool, when it was in hopes of some cool.gun stuff. I don't give two shits where you keep your under garments. Can we get back to guns, maybe?
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