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Default Pickling stuff

I just did about 16 quart fars this weekend of boiled eggs, green beans, and garden mix. I spiced about half of the jars with hot peppers. They all taste good so far. Any one got some good recipies for pickling? I'd like to try some other stuff out.
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My grandma has a recipe for cinnamon pickles, theyre pretty good. We were moving her into a new house couple weeks ago and i found a few jars labeled 1996, they were the last time she ever canned anything. I tried one of those cinnamon pickles. Popped the top and hot damn they still tasted good, but for self preservation sake I only had one bite, that probably saved me from havin an involuntary bodily function later because I made some god awful noises. Coulda been the womans cookin too, who knows whose poisoning my food these days.
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I used to do quite a bit. From jelly all the way to onion relish. I'm getting back interested again Will be trying chow chow, and would like to try canning meats.

Few years back on another forum Blackblade linked to a really helpful essay on canning chicken. Is what started my interest with that.

In month or two you won't be able to but mars or pics here, everybody with a spec of dirt in the yard has some kind of garden and the stuff sells pretty quick. The supplies I mean. Products get gifted and swapped for different jars of whatever it is whoever didn't can themselves.
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