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Default Australian international arms m10-A2 7.62x39 am magazine value?

Ok guys I have a 10rd grey parked magazine in 7.62x39 from an Australian international arms M10-A2 bolt action rifle. It's basically an AK. Magazine the only identifying stamp is a circle 2. This. Is kind of a long shot because most people do not know about these rifles but does anyone know what the magazine is worth? Thanks

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There are a variety of magazines out there,

Would this garnish any premium as an exclusive product of this make and model of firearm from Australia...? Maybe, but I don't know what...

I guess what I'm saying is being a 10rd mag is nothing amazing unless being a 10 rd magazine funneled thru Australian middlemen or arms companies for this rifle makes it special... Which I really don't think it does, but that's me... It would be more valuable as a 20rd tanker from Hungary then as it stands now, again in my opinion.

But if the rifle were attached, oh yeah!


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Well AIA is the Australian version of our Century Arms. They are mostly importers. The guns were made in Vietnam ergo you have a Vietnamese 10-round AK mag.

However it is a 10 round mag. Not a high demand for those unless you live in a ban state or a bench rest shooter so I would value it no different than what other 10 rounders are going for. Its only worthwhile quirk is it is Vietnamese.
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Those rifles have a bit of a history.
They were evaluated by the Canadian RCMP as a replacement for the 303 #4 rifles that they were using.
The Canadians discovered that the AiA M10-A2 rifles don't hold up well to service use, and that was the end of it.
They went with a different rifle.
The AiA M10-A2 was blocked from further import to the USA when it was discovered that the origins of the firearm (Vietnam) was not what was described on the import documents. Vietnam is proscribed country so firearms made there can't be imported (that was the circumstance at the time).
ATF & US Customs take a dim view of lying on their forms and have a long memory of such things.
I think that the examples of the M10-A2 that are here are all that will ever be.
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Do I recall those being single stack early WASR magazines?
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