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You have an impressive set of tooling to go along with your machining skills!!!
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Originally Posted by Bubba H View Post
That's awesome.

Originally Posted by Upgrade View Post
I admire guys that can work with machinery. You have impressive skills, well done.
Originally Posted by Bingo View Post
You have an impressive set of tooling to go along with your machining skills!!!

I don't have skills. I have to over research every project I attempt. Almost every tool I own was purchased off Craigslist. Guys with talent can make money building things. Unfortunately, I can't. I have to earn my income in a lefty environment. Putz'n in the garage is just my escape from that nonsense.
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Not sure how i missed this thread. You sir are the man.
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Originally Posted by Stupit View Post

I actually just got back from the range. Today was the first day I really put any effort on accuracy. Up until now it was all function/reliability and wear inspection. I wanted to zero it at 50yrds, but of course all the 50yrd lanes were taken. I didn't have much time, or ammo (only 40rds) so I just shot at the 25yrd lanes off bags with iron sights. The sticker below was my last seven rounds of Wolf Gold. I'll bet ya that a skilled shooter with an optic and good ammo could do alright with this rifle. I'm not very skilled.

I'm really surprised at the overall accuracy of my M85NP (US Machinegun folder + brace, TWS top cover, & Trijicon ACOG TA31 RCO). Lead sled + 55gr Wolf Gold was around 2.25-2.5 MOA yesterday. I'm going to run some 77gr OTM next outing, may get into the 1.5 MOA range. If you can mount optics, 2 MOA at the very least shouldn't be an issue.

Very little to no recoil, similar to my previous 74's. No complaints!
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Can't see the photos anymore.

OP, try imagesafe.org to reload your pix.
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