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Pull the plastic off the lower. The bolt in the grip is key.

For me, aligning up the levers on reassembly is the hard part.
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Originally Posted by HK-91 View Post
How the hell did you get the safety apart? Just spent a while playing with it and can't figure out how it comes apart.
Getting it apart is easy. Its putting it back together that is tricky.
Safety lever, requires a bit of force to get over the sear, then disconnect the left side linkage. Putting the linkage back together so it engages properly is tricky but doable. Need some small tools, at least I did.
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Default UPDATE

Originally Posted by TimMTP View Post
Stormwerks locks up great. I had read before I purchased that it locks up better than the ACE. Hopefully yours turns out the way you want it.
Well Tim I got the XLR stock today and have it on. Just have to reassemble with locktite on the screws. I absolutely love it! I'll post a pic later. Can't wait to see what RS comes up with on their foregrip. Not as heavy as I thought it would be basically felt the same weight when I held them both off in each hand.

EDIT: Wound up taking the folding hinge out and mounting it direct. The hinge locks up pretty good but had a little up down wobble I didn't care for. Never really planned on folding it and the XLR is just a real cool stock. I can always pop it back in if I want it to fold. If the Stormwerkz has a better lock up than the ACE hinge I would have been majorly disappointed since the ACE is $100 for just the folding hinge. Real pleased with the setup though.
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Diagrams, need diagrams. Would love a proper safety tension level.
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