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Default C39v2 display models Exc+ for $649 at Classic Firearms

Hey just thought someone might appreciate a heads up about the sale. I don't have any affiliation with Classic. I'm just a customer who stumbled on the page.

Here is the link:


Anyway, I hope everyone is having a nice week. Havery a nice day!

PS, I hope this is the right place to put this. I didn't think it would go in the marketplace since I'm not the seller. I just meant it as a heads up.
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Some folks have had problems w the bolt used in this one.
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Originally Posted by Rev06 View Post
Some folks have had problems w the bolt used in this one.
I had one all of last year. Never had an issue with function, but, I started noticing the mushrooming on the bolt carrier as well as some on the bolt.
Definitely the materials used to form their parts is questionable.

Nice looking though.
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OP, in the future, please use a subforum outside the "Vendor Discussion area" for news of this sort.

This subforum is for AK Files Vendors to advertise their sales, interact with AK Files members, etc.

It is not for members to advertise for outside companies.
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It's funny how on every forum I'm a member on it's almost always a low post count member to rush on and advertise for them. I'm just being paranoid but this happens all the time on gunboards

And no thanks. I'd rather buy an arsenal or literally anything else(other than maybe io)
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