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Sure let people do what they want. America's about freedom.

Let's just make people take responsibility for there actions. When my tax dollars pay for your treatment or disability, or you try and take advantage of our overly litigious society wilt away as an uncared for cripple.

Personal responsibility is essential for Freedom. We can't expect to be a nanny state and a bastion of freedom at the same time.

And yes you are an idiot for riding without gear, still your choice though.
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Originally Posted by vwvectors View Post
Thatís fine but donít ask the taxpayers to foot the medical bill which always happens. Donít wear a helmet the hospital should have the right to take your house to pay the bill. Free will itís a bitch
Taxpayers didn't pay mine. Blue Cross did, 7 figures of it.
Fact is, gear is probably why I had a hospital bill. No gear would have netted no bill. .
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Originally Posted by Aceshigh View Post
Thanks for the facts Rforbus

Plenty of people call them a dumbass for skydiving in the first place.
I think we both can agree on that. (Just as well as motorcycle riders are called dumbasses too by many)

Which......illustrates my point, we are all going to have subjective opinions
on what is safe, and what is responsible. Therefore , there is no standard.

Just a bunch of opinions......Dare I say......just like Gun Control advocates.
This is safe for us....etc etc etc.......in the end, it is infringement on personal liberty
based on OTHERS subjective opinions of "Safety" which is how tyranny takes hold in many instances.

Always under the facade / guise of "Safety"

Damn I just saw this part at the end SPOT ON IN FULL AGREEMENT>
I'll give you the opinion part on the silver platter. Look, end of the day, the guy would've had a better chance of staying alive with the helmet. The only one hurt was him. He didn't cause a pileup or anything, for which I am grateful.

But I go back to safe behavior and waving the gun around and no one is trying to ban motorcycles, at least to my knowledge. So it's not really comparable, least in my eyes. If they were, then we'd have a talk about motorcycle bans equating to gun bans. Just my two greasy pennies on that.
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Originally Posted by Mandaree36 - 11/2/2013 View Post
One who cannot march in peace will not march in war. It too requires getting off the couch....
Originally Posted by boonie_rat_AZ - 01-03-2016 View Post
We all owe God a death, we owe no man servitude....
Originally Posted by Rider - 04-26-2017 View Post
I don't trust the mainstream media. You do. Do you get salt with that spoon fed bullshit or do you take it plain?
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I hears ya homeslice.

Today we need a nation of minute men; citizens who are not only prepared to take up arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as a basic purpose of their daily life and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom. The cause of liberty, the cause of America, cannot succeed with any lesser effort. John F Kennedy 1961
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