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Default Yugo m72 rpk JRA

Well folks after reading much about these on the forum I decided to take a leap and got a James River Armory built m72 rpk. Here are my thoughts on an example of one YMMV.

Fit: pretty sad. JRA did not take the time to properly fit the top cover to even closely reach into the trunnion groove or flare it to stop the selector from going past safe and point in the air.

Barrel chamber has a burr on the cutout that I cannot explain since I personally have not fired the rifle yet so if it burred from factory test fire, this rifle will not last long.

Grade A parts must have a different meaning at JRA cause the inside of the trunnion is scratched/gouged, there is peening on the carrier tail and wear marks on the bolt lugs and carrier grooves. Granted these are parts kits builds but far from grade a parts. Piston showed signees of previous pitting. Outside of trunnion was scrubbed clean instead of leaving the original factory marks. Could be a mystery trunnion not that it matters as none of the parts match.

Receiver is ok. Keep in mind the receiver is new and should be unblemished but you can see where it was gouged Iím assuming during press fitting barrel components. Like it was put in the vice unprotected, they did a good job trying to cover it up with the finish but it shows.

BCG has a bad case of hang back on the hammer. You would swear it had a bho feature.

Rear sight leaf was super loose and adjusted all the way to one side. And the adjustment knob was bent. Funny cause the front sight post was bent to one side as well. These things ship in hard rifle cases and those parts should not have been damaged anyway.

On the plus side. Finish was excellent and even. Barrel is as thick as a stripper pole and seems to be quality. Though not CL. I do wish they would at least give some specifics, green mountain? 4140? 4150? Fenocite?

Price point. $800 I guess is not too bad for an RPK but I was hoping for a little more attention to detail and some QC. The rifle should have not left the floor with bent front sight and wobbly rear one.

All in all if you donít mind spending a bit of time reshaping metal, and putting the touches thatís should have been present in the build at first it may be up your alley.

Iím no AK expert. By far, but I know enough of what to look for and was really hoping this American builder would have a knack for detail that seems to keep eluding most American mfg.

Iíve yet to even shoot it so maybe itís sub moa gun and I donít even know it lol. Guess I wonít know till I smooth out the hammer or we wonít even get to chambering a round.

Happy New Years
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I bought one as well. Terrible customer service. Have some small issues that I want fixed. Well sure but we won’t pay to ship it back. I have to pay for shipping. Stock is bent like a banana and bolt locks to rear and threatens to jump out of track. They made a bunch of excuses as to why the rifle they built was a POS but no we will fix it’s.

Stay away from anything JRA
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Concerning the carbines;
Seems like these are definitely hit miss. There was a batch that Atlantic sold that were touted as premium or unissued kits and those seem to be very nice. The batch after that was with more reported issues. The serial numbers match but were placed by JRA, not original.
All of these have front trunnions that appear they were demilled with a bulldozer.
As for the full-size models there are many more reports similar to the OPs. On guy here got one and the rear trunnion rivet was atrocious and they put a grinder to the receiver for some reason and it looked like total warmed over ass. He did get that fixed I believe on return.
For what they are delivering, which is Century quality they need to be in the $400-500 range. The price they demand warrants someone qualified for a build that would yield better results.
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Well, dammit! This is the kind of stuff that will give a builder a bad reputation. Honestly, if I had read so many disparaging reports of RPK builds I may have thought twice about even buying a parts kit. OP I really feel bad for you. That kind of cash outlay to be disappointed is inexcusable. I hope you can salvage this train wreck into something enjoyable. If nothing else, you learned something.
"Whatever, Dude."
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