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"VZ58 Trigger fix, the Gremlin" on Youtube. This guy with "Polenar Tactical Media" installed a very tiny ring which he calls a bushing.
It was to cure the lack of trigger reset.

Sometimes this problem (based on "IntoWeapons" VZ 58 video) is reported to be caused by flipping the safety on, then off (or vice versa), when the bolt carrier is in a certain position.

mishaco: thanks very much for the detailed evaluations.

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Glad I was able to snag my D'Technik several years ago for $660 (w/ box, both stocks & 5 mags). I recently decided to try the black poly fixed stock from Czechpoint as opposed to the folder, I think I like it better. The selling price was actually $650 but neither of us had change so I said screw it, still a good deal...lol.
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Originally Posted by mishaco View Post
Agreed with the idea that back when the VZ2008 was $400 or even $500, and was coming with 5 mags, bayo, and accessories; it was a really good buy.

Now though with it in the $700+ range and few accessories coming with, I think the notion of saving up a bit more to get a D-technik/CSA import is the right way to go.

Czechpoint has had 3 slightly different guns; all in stock within the last year.
1) Current & modern production imports - built in the Czech Republic with a mix of new production and original surplus parts. Features a true milled receiver, 16.1" cold hammer forged & chromelined barrel made in Germany by Walther (they claim they tested these against Czech mfg barrels and found the Walthers to be better), 14x1 right hand muzzle threads, removable muzzle device (either nut or brake depending on variant), and a whole range of furniture options.
2) Older D-Technik Imports, recently converted by Czechpoint - Pretty much same as above, but these are old stock sporters imported several years ago and in storage til now. They have the original 15.4" barrel, so will come with a muzzle device pinned on (either the original extension or a Czech 'beercan' muzzle brake), built with a mix of new & surplus parts, but more likely to have more surplus for having been built earlier. Sold with military furniture; either wood or bakelite, and fixed or folding stock. Could be black or dark grey finished.
3) Czechpoint assembled kits on original Czech receivers - These are kind of like the old Arsenal SA M-7s. Czechpoint did make them here in the USA, but with a complete parts kit with original barrel and imported receiver marked D-Technik. This is the only Czechpoint model that I am aware of with a working bayonet lug, and it has a beercan brake pinned onto the original 15.4" barrel. All parts are military surplus, except for the Czech milled receiver and the 922(r) parts (FCG, follower, and floorplate).

I have all 3 myself, and honestly my favorite is the third option, because it has the bayo lug, came with the scope mount on the left side, and because its all surplus parts. Yes, it was put together here, but Czechpoint is a great outfit and did it right.

Option #1 is great too and retains the ability to switch out the muzzle device, while still having an excellent quality barrel. Plus it has a neato Czech Lion on the receiver.

Option #2 is good for having a lot of surplus parts too, but since it lacks both the bayo lug and the removable brake (plus no neat lion crest), it tends to be my least favorite. That said, It was my first Vz.58 and I like it for that reason. Mine actually came from Century and was one of the first 100 Vz.58 Sporters to ever come in. I had to convert it myself...but the Czechpoint D-Technik converts look identical to it.

Any Vz.58 built on a Czech milled receiver will serve you well. Anything sold by Czechpoint will be of great quality. They hold themselves to a high standard. They really remind me of how Arsenal Inc. used to be back 2002-2005; small company that really takes pride in its work.

Anyway, these are the reasons I like the Czech import over the Century kit build:
1) Collectibility/Desirability, the imports will simply hold value better and be easier to move along later down the road....and if not for you, maybe for your kids or grand kids when you're long gone.
2) True milled receiver - Not sure if the Century VZ2008 has an actual milled receiver? or one that is first rough cast and then machined into final shape. They have always been pretty sketchy about those kinds of details. What is know is that the imports have a true milled receiver.
3) Barrel - Really here there's no contest, the import barrel (be it Czech or German) is of higher quality with a longer service life.
4) Quality of parts - The import either has like new surplus or new new parts. The VZ2008s were built with parts ranging from int condition down to just 'Good' condition. I have seen some pretty heavy wear on some of their parts; not enough to effect anything but enough to be cosmetically 'meh.'
4) And this is a weird one, recoil - For some reason, the Century VZ2008 (at least some of them) has more felt recoil than an import. I do not know why this is, but it has been observed by myself and several others when firing both back-to-back. Three possible reasons come to mind...could be that the Century receiver has different structure and thus transmits vibrations/recoil differently. Or could be that the recoil springs that Century uses have more milage on them, so are a bit weaker than the ones in the imports. Or could be that the Century barrel has a larger gas port, thus the rifles have a slightly more violent action? All just guesses really.

In the end, the Czech imports are just better guns....however, if you do stumble upon a VZ2008 for $500 or so and it has a lot of mags, its not a bad rifle and would be a fun plinker.
But if you have to pay much more, just save up and get the real thing. I really think in the end you won't regret it. And hey, if you do just e-mail me and I'll buy it off you. I've never regretted any of the imports; either buying for myself or for my store. I've sold a good number of them, both Century and imports.
Customer satisfaction has been 100% with the imports. Seriously, I can not recall a single complaint or major issue. One time I sent a guy a steel trigger because he didn't like the polymer one, but no big deal. Those triggers are cheap.
As for the VZ2008s, most I sold guys really liked but we did have a few problems and a couple guns that just didn't work and had to be sent back.
One of the problems was actually with the gun that went to Jay (my youtube partner). His FCG was pretty messed up right out of the box. He had to take it out of the VZ2008, correct a couple things, and then reinstall it. The rifle worked fine after that, but in the end he sold it and bought a Czechpoint.

I have owned all of them however now down to one only and that one is #3 off your list.

I like that it has all the military features including the bayonet lug unlike the earlier imports that were neutered. As stated above quality is first rate.

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