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Originally Posted by crotalus View Post
??? What? What are you talking about with the Ar15 and 308 not working with??? I'm lost?

I wasn't getting nasty or anything with them. If that was how it was coming off I didn't mean it that way.

Just trying to get shit squared away.
dude no one really knows/understands 1bigfudd's ramblings. Not just you.
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Originally Posted by IN RANGE inc. View Post
Did you get it brand new or used? Did you notice this happening or worsening? I swear it looks like someone has been at that barrel face with a dremel. Specially since there is not any matching marks on the bolt face. I also never saw one of those barrels with two steps cut at the bottom of the extractor clearance.
After reading the OP, these were my exact thoughts, especially the part about there being no corresponding marks on the bolt.

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