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Default converting ak74 brake to a 7.62 caliber

So I picked up two ak74 (2 piece, short collar, hammer forged) brakes/compensators. I figured I would mod one up to work on my arsenal slr-107f. I opened up both holes to about .4 (a little bit bigger diamater on my other 7.62 brake just to be safe). Since the slr FSB is made for a long collar brake, I removed some of the material on the ak74 brake to it would reach the detent and lock in place. I did a lot of trial and error as to not lose the strenght of the brake itself. After some tedious work...it came out pretty nice.
The majority of the chorme lining is left intact which is a big bonus for me. It fits pretty snug on there, but I dont forsee any problems. Anybody else tried this before? I dont think the pressure of the 7.62 cartrige will do anything harmful...I guess we'll see.

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Nice, but unnecessary.

I made these pictures to show that the AK-74 brake is more than capable of handling a 7.62 projectile.

This is an East German Z-cut AK-74 brake. The cartridge is a wolf 7.62x39. You can see that there is easily enough room for the projectile to clear (images are clickable for biggy size)

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The Russian AK-103 muzzle brakes don't have two chambers or the divider in them. The hole I think is about 10.5mm. I don't think they have any chrome either.
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I did the bullet test and it seemed even closer than that pic. I figured since I needed to modify the brake to fit the long collar, I might as well open up the holes to a Ak103 size. I guess as long as I didn't compromise the strength I have a pretty nice chrome 74 brake on my 7.62
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