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Default Asking about Parts Coming Back In Stock.

I got a quick response today to my query.

From: XXXXXXXX <info@palmettostatearmory.com>
Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2018 5:11 PM
To: Customer Service
Subject: Help Center: Other

I see build kits with your PSA enhanced triggers. I have several PSA lowers that I would like to upgrade to the enhanced polished triggers. Also on the email list to get notified. Any target date for them? Thanks in advance,



Customer Service <customer.service@palmettostatearmory.com>
Apr 26 at 5:31 PM


Unfortunately, the customer
service department is not notified of any upcoming inventory changes in advance. The best way to stay up to date with our inventory is to periodically check the website for any updates.

You can also sign up
to be notified when a product is back in stock by visiting the product page after signing into your account and clicking the link titled "Click Here to be emailed when this product is back in stock​".

If you're interested
in the price, click the compare button on the item's description, and then click the compare button at the top right of your web page. This will show you an item's description and the last listed price. If the item was last listed as a daily deal, it may not
be at this price when it is restocked.

If you have any additional
questions or concerns, please contact us.

In my way of thinking I would have taken this question to someone who might know the answer. Instead I get this less than enthusiastic "blah-blah." It ain't what what I asked, and I had already told this "customer service rep" I was already on the list for email notifications. I have been on that list for 2 or more months. I didn't ask for the price. I might have added that I have been on the list a long-long time.
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if you want customer service, don't shop at PSA. it's always been that way. their business model is based on batch sales and low prices. if you want customer service, you're going to have to go somewhere more expensive
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I hear that. I’m sure they get a 1000+ calls a day and truly might not know. Regardless, hot damn I get excited when I see my toys are back in stock for a damn good deal
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Palmetto State Armory
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Unfortunately Customer Service does not have access to Manufacturing data. They do not know about any forecasting of runs for the sku's that we carry. We do not have the ability to take each e-mail to Manufacturing, as we are receiving thousands of e-mails each day.

Thank you,

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