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Originally Posted by jdg View Post
I have a mag like in your link, that I'm going to mail out to him. I'd rather see it go to a good home, then see it sit on my reloading bench.
I'm sure he will appreciate having the "correct" mag for his pistol, should up the value I would think. Dunno much about the collector value of these as they started making them in 1949 and just 30 years later in 1979 the 1 million serial numbered standard model rolled off the assembly line. Now THAT one has some value, it is in the NRA museum IIRC. Saw the thing in a gun rag when they made it, gorgeous engraving and white grips with the original red Ruger logo. (changed to black to honor Ruger's business partner Alex Sturm after Sturm died)

I do know used ones are hard to find around here, people who have them tend to keep them! When I was wanting to buy my first one, I looked for over a year before I found a standard model in the used gun case.
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I would love to get that puppy for $200.00. 6" barrel to boot and it will outlive you as well!
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I have a 1964 MK I that’s been in the family since ‘65 or ‘66, it has NEVER been disassembled and still runs great. I’ve seen multiple videos on the takedown procedure but if it ain’t broke...

I do occasionally see the old MK I mags pop up on eBay, seem to run around $40 on average. Never seen a replacement zigzag spring for them so you take your chances. They’re slimmer than the new production MK mags, my new mags run fine but they drag a lot going in and out, making them hard to drop with that heel release.

Good pistols, they’re not hard to find in good condition for $250-$300 but the OP has the longer barrel which I don’t see often.
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