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Default unboxing QC report

Unboxed the new m92.
The good first:
The quality of the rcvr looks to be as good as any I have seen. equal to
saiga or vepr or Russian (just 1 mm thick) Everything is straight and square
and very neatly done with good attention to detail. Interior finish looks very
good. Their tools look like they keep them sharp.
I actually like the feature that are unique to the m-92 over akm. Clever
mechanism to hold down gas tube. Mechanicly -- it looks great. better than
I expected. Thank god century didn't get to screw with it....

The bad: well there really isn't any really---- just a few things that could have been done to make a nicer package.

The wood is REALLY plain. I can fix that easy enough. Would like to see a
MUCH bigger bulge in the lower handguard. Hardly any there. Like to
have some meat to wrap my fingers round.

Would LOVE IT if they shipped it with some kind of sling plate which would hang out from the Left side of the grip - like the CNC warrior. Really
aggravating to not have a way to sling it. (out of the box)

I ordered a hinge that is supposed to have a sling spot in/on it.

Like to see it ship with SOME kind of muzzle device. But I am guessing there
are certain states here that require muzzle threads covered .

I had to Dremel SLIGHTLY the detent for the lower handguard--- it literally
took vice grips to move it. Now its firm thumb pressure. no biggie.

All in all I am very impressed with quality of build. Would buy again in an instant (funds allowing) :-)

I am going to call her "Barbie" -- because I will prob have more $ in accessories than the bare gun cost. Shes a high maintenance girl I think !


PS--- only part I don't understand is what is the big safety stop doing ? the one which prevents the safety from going to the
bottom of the rcvr. ????? I assume I have to forcibly LIFT the end of the lever over that if I want the safety out ?????
( the safety IS pretty dang hard so far....)
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Ummm Hi?
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You rotate the safety up, not down, to remove.
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Guns & Coffee
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Congrats! The M92 is an awesome firearm.

My before and after pictures.

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Originally Posted by islandfocus2 View Post
Congrats! The M92 is an awesome firearm.

My before and after pictures.

These pictures never get old. So beautiful.

OP, I agree, the wood on these is easy to stain to the color of your choice and just part of the fun.
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