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Originally Posted by ddnc View Post
10 frickiní months??? Seems half that time for individual. Hope thatís not the norm. I have 5 pending on a trust that are already over 5 months.
I had that one and a form 4 for a silencer. I sent both in within a few weeks of each other. Every couple months or so I call to check on them and make sure there's nothing they need from me. These 2 forms were both stuck on the FBI background check for the longest time. As soon as the BG check came back, they were both approved and the stamps sent to me.

I have a pile more forms I sent in back around April. Form1 the old fashioned way and form4 with the new barcode system. All these are already waiting on the BG checks. Hopefully I'm not waiting another 7 months on the damn BG check. But since I'm already to that step, I don't see how a trust vs individual would make it take any longer. Then again, this is the government. No clue what they're thinking.
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Originally Posted by Steelmonkey View Post
My clock started today.

I just mailed my Form 1 and hand delivered the CLEO notification copy for my Sig516 Gen2 / 10" bbl.

Mailed out on 15 Feb. 2018

ATF received 26 Feb. 2018
ATF approved 1 Jul. 2018

Fastest turnaround time I've ever seen - Filed as "Individual"

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