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Default VZ-58 Heat Shield----Chris Stone?

In need of some help.....years ago I bought an excellent hand-made VZ-58 heat shield to fit under a beaver barf handguard. I've since lost his contact info and am in need of another heat shield. Does anyone know how to get ahold of Chris Stone?? I think he's from Mississippi. Thanks!
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I dont have his info, but in the mean time you can use heat reflective tape on the inside of the hand guards. It doesn't do too bad at all. I dont have it on my vz 58 but do on another gun.
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You can make it yourself out aluminum flashing from Home depot. Just copy the one you have.
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You can buy them on the CZ forum
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I have one on my 2008, works well. I got it through an eBay link i found on YouTube but her link is dead now. I believe this channel is from the original maker of the heat guards and he just posted a new video a few hours ago so he's still active. You can either send him a message via YouTube or follow his instructions on how to make one.

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