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Got mine in today as well. Loaded all five up so I can try them out here in a few weeks! They look great!

I didn’t get that mag release or the refund in the difference of my shipping cost though... I’ll have to email the guy over at AoA to ask about it. Not a big deal. It was just $13 and they still got here on the same day anyways. Service was still by far the best I’ve had from any online retailer in a long while.
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Default Gunbroker Link

Originally Posted by AK-ula View Post
For Polish/Beryl items.


I'm confused. Is this supposed to be a link to Beryl stuff? 58 pages of random items? Or a link to someone's specific 'store' to buy their items? Mags are more than at AoA

Aresshrike pointed out about the G/B link.

10acresandrocks - I'm sorry that I wasn't able to provide a link, but, I don't know how to do that, and I'm sure it'd be very easy to go to Gunbroker, put "Beryl" in the search box, and VERY easily find the Beryl mags, and parts he sells, he's the guy from Poland, real easy.

Is the importer/seller for all sorts of items. They do have a lot of Beryl rifle parts and the parts they get in fluctuates. As Nails pointed until just recently were the only place to get the Beryl 5.56 mags.

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