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Default Best Barrels

I have been told that the original SVD barrel is thin and whips when fired.

How does the PSL and the VEPR (Wolfe's 54R) barrels compare?

Is there any truth that the VEPR is a heavier and hammer forged (better?) barrel?

Thanks to all,
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I think the Russians thought about that and the SVD was designed the way it is for a reason. The dragunov seems like it is and was a very successful sniper/DMR for the world. The PSL accuracy is right up there with the dragunov, with practice you can hit a target at 1000 meters. The PSL is now no longer imported and will start gaining value like it has once all the sources are dry. I don't know much about the VEPR, its going to be the new PSL/SVD trend in America it looks like. I personally don't like the looks of them. I lean more to the SVD style but I heard that they are high quality weapons.
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^ Agreed. Longer barrels are going to have larger fundamental frequency and be more prone to vibrations. The PSL barrel is the thinest of the three rifle types listed. I'm pretty sure the SVDS barrel is thicker than the SVD barrel.

The Vepr barrels are very thick. The Veprs are built extremely well. And overbuilt with lots of extra metal. The coatings are superb. Veprs aren't easy to work on and the finish isn't readily replaceable. The short gas tube and slant cut receivers make them look kinda funny. But there are plenty of them right now. So the aftermarket stuff will catch up so anyone can dress theirs up.
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