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Thanks for the comments. I agree on the RD-54 being hard to find anymore and the pictured vest is pretty uncommon too.
I sourced this info on it from from another collector site:

VDV BVD (БВД, "Боевая Выкладка Десантника")
The BVD was apparently first issued in the early-to-mid 80's during the war in Afghanistan where it was used mostly by air- and helicopterborne units both of the armed forces and border guards. The idea behind the vest was to combine the load bearing equipment and rucksack into one. Sounds like a good idea, but unfortunately the end result was not the best. Still, these were widely used throughout Afghanistan and continued to see service in both Chechen wars up until the 2000's.
It consists of the following-

Three pouches for two magazines each.
Four first aid dressing/hand grenade pouches.
One larger chest pouch, fits a water bottle.
One pouch for two handheld signal flares.
One pouch for two handheld signal smokes.


One large pouch for a R-392 radio and battery.
One pouch for a VDV canteen-messtin combo.
Two pouches apparently for a gas mask and filter.
Smaller pouches, apparently for ammunition.
Tie downs on the hem for a Plash-Palatka

Although I 've seen pictures of other ones, this is the only original one I've ever come across.
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