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Ordered some 30 rd mags, bipod, and a bayonet for the Mod. L from Apex today.

Of course a video or two will be foreth coming on this rifle.
Will be interesting to see how it does compared to say the HK93/C93/V93.

Goes without saying, no word on any STG44 stuff from HMG.

Why they didn't just focus on doing obscur/interesting kit builds like with this CETME i don't know?
Seems like that would have been a good market nych for them?

But what do I know? I've only been running a gun business for a decade and turning a profit the whole time....including doing batches of semi auto British Lanchesters and Stens, Polish PPS43/52 carbines, Swedish M45 'K's, Italian MAB 38s, various FALs and AKs, and most recently contracted to have some SA-26 semis built up.
So yeah....what do i know about small scale production & marketing lol.
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