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Originally Posted by OHVET View Post
I didn't know that. I was talking to a guy just last week that told me he had a case of 7.62 CETME marked ammo and he noticed a big difference in the recoil. I'll have to ask him to show me a box. Somebody must have printed up some boxes just for fun maybe. Interesting.
Ahh, now that's a whole different thing.

The Santa Barbara arsenal produced an experimental .308 that was intended to be issued with the CETME.

This ammunition was - for all intents and purposes - 7.62 NATO, with the exception that the projectile used an aluminum core instead of lead.

This ultralight ammo was thought to be able to reduce the muzzle climb in CETME rifles firing in full auto mode.

TLDR: The Spaniards wanted "assault rifle" performance out of a battle rifle.

There was never officially a "7.62 CETME" cartridge.

. . . and now we're way off topic, aren't we? :/
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