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Originally Posted by smithy72 View Post
Are you 12?
Good sir I can appreciate your above average ability to guess a fine young gentlemansí age and for that I shall buy you a 9 years.

Seriously though we just had this exact thread in a moderately serious manner maybe a month ago and it all boiled down to there being 2 types of people

Those that carry one in the chamber appropriate for the gun they are carrying glock/DA/SA/revolver

And those that are wrong and have no business with a gun because they donít trust themselves to not negligently shoot themselves or someone else

In summary Iím surprised Nalioth did not shitcan this thread as a retread since having one such a short time ago

$5 says OPís next thread is whatís your carry ammo and you bet your ass you thought that was a 12 y.o. remark? I have a lot of time behind a windshield Iíve got lots of material
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