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Originally Posted by vtb View Post
Upper rail stays not only on clamp-on but also on a barrel nut, fixed on the action
Perfect. Have you tried using another fastening system other than Keymod? Seems M-LOK is somewhat popular right now here in the U.S.

Originally Posted by vtb View Post

It's strange that having all that industry of rebarreling you don't want just to make new barrel to use with supressor.
Finding a place here to make SVD barrels isn't easy, nor is it cheap. On top of that there's even fewer places that know how to make the extractor cut properly. It's one of the many downsides to having a rifle of limited quantity in a country.
Originally Posted by rkdh
Whenever I read posts such as this, I am reminded of a conversation I had with a Romanian Army Officer after their bloody fight for independence.
Clinton and his Assault Weapons Ban where in the news. I asked him if he thought there could be an armed struggle in the US. His words still hold true today, "Men with beer bellies don't make Revolutions".
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