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Originally Posted by Disburse-Now View Post
If still trying to decide between the Star and the Glock - well, first fill your hand with both and see how they handle, point, aim etc., in your hands. I have had at least one shop salesman explain to me, with me holding a Glock, about the tendancy of the pistol not to be a natural pointer - that some work goes into training ones self to aim a Glock quickly and naturally . That shop fellow liked the FN hand guns. There is something to be said about what others have mentioned that the Glock has parts availability out the ying yang. I am sure there is a Glock fold able dinner set and whistle that can be ordered. The Glock is the AK of the Pistol world - that is what I have been led to believe. I also tend to understand 35 Whelen when he aluded to the fact that Glocks are like ass holes, or as way back in the early 1970's Mustang cars - every one has one. I am one of the few who actually does not own a Glock - but even I want to pick up probably a Glock 17. (I don't conceal carry at present and like longer pistol grips and full size pistols) So I would say Glock for the reliability and ability to get parts for life. (Unless the EU out laws one from getting parts there - that's why I don't live in the EU or in for instance Australia, or California.)
I do however own a Star Pistol - a Model 30 - a full size 9mm and I have a suit case full of mags for it, It is a very capable 9mm pistol. I also own older Spanish Star Modelo Super pistols and like them. I own only a small number of pistols. I've personally liked the idea of picking up a full size Glock 17 due to the availability of 17 round and 33 round mags for these pistols - I like pistols that take 17 / 20/ to 33 round mags and have the capability to share mags with other 9mm firearms - as here in the USA - the Kel-Tec Sub 200 0 or the FX-9 Pistol and Carbine. That is also the reason I want a Beretta 9mm Carbine - the ability to share the specific mags in 30 plus round counts between the Beretta 92 pistols and the Beretta 9mm Carbine.

Originally Posted by 35 Whelen View Post
As opposed to being just another dumbass sheep following the hoards of self appointed "experts". Believe it or not PeeWee, there are highly reliable, effect pistols that AREN'T Glocks, and many of them have been around and in constant use for decades longer than Glocks.
I know what you meant, but it's easy enough to see why some took it/went with it as they did. Everybody mind the name calling, and try to remember we agree on more than we don't.
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