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Default Star M243 Firestar Plus vs. Glock 19


i'm planning to buy a me compact 9mm pistol for the 25m range. Till yesterday my first choice was the Glock 19. But now i have the chance to get a nearly new Star M243 Firestar Plus wich has fired only 70 rounds for the price of 130 Euros/ $120!

But.....the Star has an alloy frame, so i'm not sure how durable this gun is. The Glock has a polymer frame wich first seems to be not more durable than alloy, but i heard alot about how durable the Glock is and that it can last more than 50.000 rounds...

So what do you think? Ist the Star Firestar Plus as durable as the Glock? What's about the alloy frame, any problems known, will it crack after thousands of rounds or wear out?

Does the steel-slide slides directly on the alloy frame or are there any steel inlays installed?

I love guns built for eternity, so i bought me a saiga Now i look for the perfect complement pistol

Thank you and best regards!


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