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Originally Posted by 2336
So I take it that the civilian, non-corrosive ammo that is packed in "spam cans" is clearly marked, and isn't packed in 1080rd cans. From what you have just said I'll treat any further claims of 1080rd spam can packed non corrosive 5.45x39 as probably B.S. At least until I see something definite. Looking at the photos on the link I posted, even I can discern the year on the can and pretty much ID it as surplus. I just wanted to get some input from more knowledgeable hands.

Exactly: The military 5.45x39 is packed in paper 30rd bundles...ONLY this packaging will fit 1080 into that standard ComBloc can. If you do see commercial 5.45 in cans (and they do make such a critter) will be in 20 or 25rd boxes and packed this way... you can only fit 750rds or so into the standard can.
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