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Once upon a time my father worked for a company that produced lead sheet, flashings, and X-ray panels of the type described above.

One of the jobs in the plant, was for an employee to "burn" (weld for lack of better description) the stack onto the boot of the flashing, both lead, with a torch. It took some skill. My father actually taught me to do it. (child abuse maybe)

Also in the plant was a large continually running "pot" with melted lead, then poured out into a thick sheet and subsequently rolled to the proper thickness.

All of the employees were regularly tested for poisoning, I don't recall if any were ever positive. As an aside they were provided "all you can drink" milk in the lunchroom, to provide for the bone/calcium thing Returned mentioned above.

Part of the treatment regimen for lead poisoning, is called "chelation" wherein a substance is introduced into the body that binds with the lead and allows it to be removed in urinary excretion. So no, it is not there "forever".

Were I to tackle the sailboat, I wouldn't hesitate to use a torch, it would be safer than creating dust with a saw(one of the reasons lead is usually sheared when cut) I would use a respirator (or a suitable surplus gas mask) and have an eye out towards ventilation, with open windows and fans(or destruction of the boat around the lead first, whatever the situation may be)

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