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Originally Posted by SAIGA 5.45 View Post
I am of the opposite mind, I think that a plain bag has an advantage in being useful in any environment, there are environments where sports bags would look very out of place.

That is why I was thinking guitar cases or maybe keyboard cases, I have seen folks also use hard cases for violin's and stuff like that. Also these cases tend to allow me to store behind the seat in a reg cab pickup truck, keeping things compact and organized.
Fair enough.

My thoughts were nobody would think a baseball bat, glove, and baseballs were worth breaking a window over. An instrument case might be looked at as a pawnable item. Idk if there is any validity to the concern, but that and the low cost ($8-9, iirc) at alocal wally world nudged me in the bat bag direction.

Since this is a pistol, I can keep a loaded mag in it and ready to roll in the front seat here in IL. Rifles are a different story unfortunately. NFA items could be a different story, maybe chknfkr can shine some light on that.

Originally Posted by paratrooper101 View Post
Dad bag. $20 walmart backpack. Don't like I have to break the pistol down. Thought about the law tactical folder. Would probably have use a shorter flash can. May go the racquet bag route. But I do keep other junk in here for my kids.
1 mag lives in the lower. 2 mags in each side pockets, 1 sippy each. Pistol goes in the most rear section. Front section holds the kids stuff.

I kinda like that. I may have to move my get home and pistol items to a dad bag I have. The tan back pack I have now looks off with the molle and tactical look.
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