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Default NEW - Cost effective Sample Size 60mL & $3.50 shipping

I am please to offer you guys a cheaper option to try our paint, or for the guys needing a touch up option for a Vepr/Saiga/Arsenal SGL/Arsenal Bulgarian Rifle
  • 60mL - This should cover one gun for a first time user
  • Pricing - $35.00 + 3.50 for First Class = $38.50 (Priority shipping is still an option)
  • You will need to thin this 30% with denatured alcohol for maximum coverage
  • Don't focus on one area of the gun, evenly paint the whole rifle before the additional passes.
  • paint in bright light so you can see thin areas which will appear purple
Click this link for more info

Click logo below:

When authenticity matters there is only one choice - the original.

  • The same paint used by Izhevsk, Izhmash, Tula, Molot, and now Kalashnikov Concern since 1960
  • Carefully crafted from lab grade ingredients to exceed all original quality specifications
  • Application techniques for Gloss, Semi Gloss and Flat
  • Correct for Bulgarian, Hungarian and the best option for Polish, East German and export Israeli Galil. Appliance Epoxy works best on Egyptian builds FYI
  • Place all orders @ RUSSIANPAINT.NET

I am always interested in trade opportunities, collectors with a large number of kits to paint can offer kits/barrels. I am also interested in Original Barrel Non G Romanian kits. I will also purchase outright original barrel Romanian kits, Rare Russian kits and Russian/East German Barrels
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