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Hunting is the easy part, start walking or jogging a minimum of 4 months in advance. The mountains are beautiful but they'll end you in a heartbeat. If you can't continuously jog a mile or 2 then you're not ready. Look into renting a mule, they aren't pricey and they're about the only animal that will save your ass when a mountain lion walks into camp. And they make packing meat out a dream. Have an emergency call setup with your group i.e. Three rapid shots means someone's in trouble, it's so easy to break a leg or worse and always know the general area where your group is hunting so you can locate and help if needed. Colorado is a dry state, maintain your camp fire and pay attention to the wildfire risk game wardens watch this stuff and they regularly check popular camping spots. Been elk hunting in Colorado since I was a child and every year is a new adventure. Have fun, nothing on this planet like hearing a bull bugling in the trees before sun up.
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