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I've been out there twice, once with the rifle once with the bow. Like someone already said above, get away from the road and other hunters as much as possible. Both times were unguided the first time (rifle) was pretty lackluster. We saw a few groups of cows (harvested one) and that was about it. The group I was with wasn't too adventurous and didn't get off the roads far enough IMHO, plus the area seemed a little too popular. The second trip (bow) was awesome. IIRC I saw 7 bulls over the course of the week, only my bow elk rookie stupidity kept me from harvesting one. The second time however I was with a much more ambitious group and we hunted a more remote area, two of the guys in our group had hunted the area the previous year and we had spent a lot of time looking at topo maps and satellite photos. If your going unguided and can't personally scout the area I highly recommend you pull up as much satellite imagery as you can. The area we hunted I could readily identify individual trees, rocks, etc while on foot just from previously looking at satellite images, it greatly improves you odds knowing exactly where you are when planning how to approach an area.
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