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If I had the option to legally have automatic fire put into any of my rifles, I would prefer to have semi auto and a 3 shot burst. My experience with machine guns is very limited though. So my opinion is based on that!

I liked the 3 shot burst rifle the one time I ever fired it much more than the regular full auto. I could actually consistently hit the targets still. I've thought of buying one of those fancy triggers that are becoming popular right now that give you a sort of 2 shot burst on your AR15. It fires once on the pull and once on the release. You just can't pull and release too fast or it won't fire the second shot. They've got a new one that won't let the hammer follow the carrier home when you mess up. As of right now they're still perfectly legal but kind of pricey.

I can see the argument that someone with more trigger time behind a full auto (not me!) could properly utilize it in controlled short bursts by themselves. I just personaly didn't and do not have enough time and experience with a full auto to be anywhere close to proficient with one once I start letting off any rounds from one.
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