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Default Burst vs full auto

I'm asking this because there seems to be a trend towards getting rid of three round burst on military rifles as it's seen as redundant or, ironically, wasteful of ammo (which ironically was why it was introduced due to reports of insane mag dumps in Vietnam and lack of firing discipline from soldiers on both sides).

But now the trend is going back to having either only semi- and full auto, or having semi- and full auto with a two round burst.

For instance, when Frag Out Magazine tested the Beryl M762 last year, they basically said that Radom should get rid of the three round burst. They advocated basically having only semi- or full auto and either using semi-auto double taps or using discipline when in full auto for a 2-3 round burst.

Also consider that the M4A1 carbine has only semi- and full auto instead of three round burst. And that in Russia Kalashnikov Concern have the AK-12 and AK-15 and upgraded AK-74M and AK-103 rifles (and AK-105 and AK-104 carbines) have semi, full auto and a two round burst mode, the latter to emulate a double tap but delivering it at a much higher rate of fire.

Also, it's kinda a marksman ship deal. The third round tends to miss the target due to muzzle climb or, more often (especially with 5.56 or 7.62x39) the target is down and either dead or at least incapacitated by the time the third round gets to them.

So is this a positive trend? I'd hope so, though I'm not a tactician nor own full auto firearms. But it does mean less parts or simplified parts in the trigger mechanism, and I do sort of think that for assault rifles, three round burst is redundant and a two round burst can easily get the job done, even semi-auto can with good shot placement.
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