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Wow classic already emailed me back.

Here's their response:
Dear James,

I am sorry to hear of the issues that you are having with your Yugo M72 purchase.

Experiencing issues with these rifles is unusual. We typically get very good feedback on this item and as such what you are experiencing is an anomaly.

Fortunately, in the rare instance that we do have a problem of any kind, the manufacturer is very responsive and always does a great job of correcting any issue directly to the customer.

The manufacturer actually has an advantage over us in warrantying or replacing a firearm in that they can often repair or replace directly to the customer without going back through the dealer which is a luxury that we do not have. As such most firearm issues can actually be handled more efficiently and with less effort on the buyers part through the importer or manufacturer.

James Rier, could you please contact Mr. Hope regarding the issues with the M72 as stated below from the original email:
I recently purchased a JRA yugo M72. It seems the receiver was grinded and blued over as well as the rear of the receiver being scalloped. The receiver is dented under the rear trunnion rivet and a few rivets altogether are poorly done.

I have also attached the customer's pictures.

Also, please see directly below the exact item he ordered along with his contact information. Please reply all with your response so that we can see that you have received and will be handling.
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