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well I got mine yesterday..... and I got a cleaning rod!!!!!!!!! but I would gladly let them keep the cleaning rod if they didn't screw up the receiver.

Unfortunatley mine has some issues around the magwell and a couple of the rivets:

1) It looks like a front trunnion hole was drilled in the wrong place, then welded up and ground down. They didn't grind the weld flush, and didn't do a good job dressing what they did.
2) Multiple grind marks on the bottom of the receiver, probably from the weld they ground down.
3) At least one rivet on the front trunnion was installed cocked and isn't making full contact with the receiver.
4) Another rivet looks like it wasn't positioned in the rivet jig properly and it has deformed the head.
5) The worst issue off all is that they have bent the receiver on one side. Laying a straight edge across the receiver shows a significant bend at the mag well opening and the mag well is deformed.

I really don't understand how this gets past any kind of QC at James River OR at Classic.


So I've sent an email to Classic to see what they want me to do, but I want either a replacement or a refund.
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